How much should you pay for software outsourcing to get the very best price-quality ratio?

Outsourcing software development to countries with low living costs can greatly reduce the cost of software development. But the experience shows that those driven by low costs often have to bear with low price-quality ratio. This brings up the question as to how much one should pay for the development of quality software and at the same time keep the costs low. Over the years, outsourcing software development companies have earned a bad name for producing poor quality software but are still very popular in the software development outsourcing industry which was pegged at $63.5 billion in 2015. Outsourcing software development involves companies in high living cost countries giving business contract for outsourcing software development companies to a company in low living cost countries.

A major factor that tarnishes the image of outsourcing software development companies is the attitude of the clients Lured by the idea to reduce the cost of software development drastically, the clients often make the mistake of making price the primary consideration Soon, some of these clients get disappointed by the poor quality service of the outsourcing software development companies

Cheapest not the best

Developers from some countries from Central and Eastern Europe like Poland are considered to be good in the industry. It is not all that difficult to find quality programmers in these countries who can produce quality software at rates, which may not be the cheapest but will not be the same as in high cost countries. It is important to stop thinking that the cheapest outsourcing software development companies are the best. Hiring quality developers who charge high rates in their low cost countries makes much more sense as it ensures both quality and cost effectiveness. This brings us to the question as to how much one should pay to developers from low living cost countries who can produce quality software.

Compared to a scenario when to develop great software one has to hire a team of skilled programmers with all costs involved such as salaries and operational and management costs, outsourcing software development companies factor in all such costs and quotes a price which is still cheaper than how much it would cost to develop the software in-house. Outsourcing software development companies charge their clients only for the duration that developers work. But if you hire your own team, you have to bear the cost even when the volume of work is low.Outsourcing software development companies save you from hiring big and expensive team if you are not likely to use them for the long-term. Outsourcing software development companies take responsibility of all associated tasks. They prepare project specification, design and build the software, implement it and provide maintenance and quality assurance services. They are totally responsible for the project management.When Outsourcing software development companies are doing so much, it is not wise to make price the top priority.

Fixing priority

Cost of hiring a software developer can be very high in high cost countries where they paid from $ 57 to 185 per hour while the same can be as little as $ 36 in Poland. But if you outsource the same work for $10 to a low cost country, the quality of product and services may not match your expectations. So, if the companies want to reduce the cost of software development, they must choose outsourcing software development companies. But to ensure quality of product and services, they must outsource their work to reliable companies in low cost countries that assure to meet your goals and objectives. Finding the sweet point in the struggle to balance price-quality ratio is not very difficult if clients knows what is their priority.

Management Cost and Value for Software Development

To know the price of any developing a piece of software, it is important to know to how software development is priced. It demands on a many factors. The difficult thing among others is how long and how much it will cost to make a new piece of software. Estimating the cost of software is difficult and in many cases, we, humans are uncompetitive to foretell the cost outcome. No two projects are identical. Each one is different from all others, and there are countless points that go together to make it. Continue reading “Management Cost and Value for Software Development”

IT Consulting Services for Business

Every business startup will need IT services in order to keep up with the present cut-throat competition. Information Technology will allow for, intense research into product enhancement creation of business systems, production improvement and many more. Basically, IT brings ease in acquiring not only reliable but also fresh ideas. Every organization that has embraced technology has been able to put up with the current competition.

Acquiring IT services has become so easy nowadays.

There are a number of IT consulting firms one can approach for these services. Unfortunately, not all these companies have reached the required standard. Hence much discretion needs to be channeled into the whole selection process. You will have to put into consideration certain factors that include the following:

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Problem Management Process in Software Development

Problem management is one of the aspects in the field of IT that usually gives management a severe migraine. Mainly because it is very difficult sometimes to distinguish between problem management and incident management. These two areas have so many similarities and parallels that they can become almost exactly the same. The devil is in the details of course.
In order to draw a line and discuss what is problem management and how it is applied in the software development field, we first need to give a definition of problem. What can possibly go wrong with that?

Problem Management vs Incident Management

The term problem, in its simplest business-oriented form, refers to an unknown root of one or more incidents. The common everyday analogy would be the difference between a disease and its symptoms. And to continue with this analogy, problem management uses incidents to identify a problem similarly to a doctor who makes a diagnosis based on the symptoms.
When the incident occurs, the main goal of incident management is to restore damage and get system back to operation as quickly and painlessly as possible. In case, when incidents cause little damage and occur rarely – the treatment in form of root-cause analysis is not justified from a business standpoint.

Breakdown of Problem Management

Problem management is a step beyond simple incident management in the software lifecycle. When users face the same incidents like service downtime, they start losing trust in the product and in the company and ultimately look for a better solution. And usually there are competitors who are just waiting for that.
The primary objective of problem management is to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issue. In the IT industry there is an enormous array of possible problems, starting with simply failing hardware to elaborate database configuration and conflicting functions in the software code. In the end the elimination of problem reduces incidents over the long term, which in turn improves end-user satisfaction, which positively affects customer retention, which increases revenue.

The scope

The process of problem management can be described in a variety of ways, with different number of phases and intermediate steps. However generally speaking the root-cause-analysis can be summarized as follows:

  • Detecting a problem;
  • Identification and categorization of problem;
  • Prioritization;
  • Investigation;
  • Resolution;
  • Review.

    Depending on the type of organization and type of product, your business might want to break down the process in a bit different way.

Elaboration of Solutions

The important thing to remember in the problem resolution is a workaround for the problem. Since, the process of fixing the problem can take from few hours to months and there need to be further testing performed, you would require a temporary workaround to restore services to users while the problem is being resolved. Because the show must go on!
The entire process of problem management is paramount to the IT industry and is often overlooked by many novice companies or assumed just as a part of QA responsibilities. Also, from a business standpoint, having a dedicated team of problem management isn’t really sufficient, since their services aren’t required that often. For those reasons we at ItechCore offer problem management services to our clients. With our unmatched expertise and years-long experience in the field of software development and testing, we can provide your business with swift and efficient solution and eliminate the root of incidents in no-time.