How much should you pay for software outsourcing to get the very best price-quality ratio?

Outsourcing software development to countries with low living costs can greatly reduce the cost of software development. But the experience shows that those driven by low costs often have to bear with low price-quality ratio. This brings up the question as to how much one should pay for the development of quality software and at the same time keep the costs low. Over the years, outsourcing software development companies have earned a bad name for producing poor quality software but are still very popular in the software development outsourcing industry which was pegged at $63.5 billion in 2015. Outsourcing software development involves companies in high living cost countries giving business contract for outsourcing software development companies to a company in low living cost countries.

A major factor that tarnishes the image of outsourcing software development companies is the attitude of the clients Lured by the idea to reduce the cost of software development drastically, the clients often make the mistake of making price the primary consideration Soon, some of these clients get disappointed by the poor quality service of the outsourcing software development companies

Cheapest not the best

Developers from some countries from Central and Eastern Europe like Poland are considered to be good in the industry. It is not all that difficult to find quality programmers in these countries who can produce quality software at rates, which may not be the cheapest but will not be the same as in high cost countries. It is important to stop thinking that the cheapest outsourcing software development companies are the best. Hiring quality developers who charge high rates in their low cost countries makes much more sense as it ensures both quality and cost effectiveness. This brings us to the question as to how much one should pay to developers from low living cost countries who can produce quality software.

Compared to a scenario when to develop great software one has to hire a team of skilled programmers with all costs involved such as salaries and operational and management costs, outsourcing software development companies factor in all such costs and quotes a price which is still cheaper than how much it would cost to develop the software in-house. Outsourcing software development companies charge their clients only for the duration that developers work. But if you hire your own team, you have to bear the cost even when the volume of work is low.Outsourcing software development companies save you from hiring big and expensive team if you are not likely to use them for the long-term. Outsourcing software development companies take responsibility of all associated tasks. They prepare project specification, design and build the software, implement it and provide maintenance and quality assurance services. They are totally responsible for the project management.When Outsourcing software development companies are doing so much, it is not wise to make price the top priority.

Fixing priority

Cost of hiring a software developer can be very high in high cost countries where they paid from $ 57 to 185 per hour while the same can be as little as $ 36 in Poland. But if you outsource the same work for $10 to a low cost country, the quality of product and services may not match your expectations. So, if the companies want to reduce the cost of software development, they must choose outsourcing software development companies. But to ensure quality of product and services, they must outsource their work to reliable companies in low cost countries that assure to meet your goals and objectives. Finding the sweet point in the struggle to balance price-quality ratio is not very difficult if clients knows what is their priority.