PhotoScape for Windows 10/8

PhotoScape for Windows is a program that allows people to view images, edit graphics, process packages of files and convert RAW files. Also, it is necessary to say that the utility provides a lot of filters that can be successfully applied for editing images (for example wind effect, blurriness, waves, graining, oil effect and others).

PhotoScape is suggested to be a multi-functional graphical editor. The program is used to view, edit and convert image files. PhotoScape for PC will be an ideal program for people, who need to edit pictures before posting them on pages of different image storage resources, sites, online photo albums, forums, and blogs. Now let’s talk about the main features on why you should download PhotoScape and install it on your PC.

 Features of PhotoScape for Windows 10:

Due to a wonderful possibility to process packages of file users can quickly prepare several images for publication. Also, it is possible to create a slideshow in PhotoScape to view images and show them to your friends and relatives. Using an image editor of the program you can apply different effects, create collages and remove red eye effect.

Do you need to correct colors, balance, brightness and contrast? It is not a problem especially if you have PhotoScape for Windows program installed on your computer. Be sure that this useful utility will help you cope with this task easily.

  • People who download PhotoScape for PC, are allowed to change image size and cut images. Also, working with PhotoScape for Windows users can change brightness, saturation, white color balance, text printing and correcting contrast;
  • The program has a packet editing option. This means that users can edit a lot of files;
  • UsingPhotoScape for Windows you can get rid of red-eye effect;
  • The utility allows to create one image from several photos;
  • Animated images are considered to be another important feature of the program. So using this program you will be able to create one animated image from several GIF pictures;
  • HavingPhotoScape for PC users can take advantage of “Print” option. This means that you can print photos, business cards and so on;
  • PhotoScape can be used as an image separator. Thus, the program can separate an image into several parts;
  • The program has image screen capture. This means that users can create and save screenshots;
  • Special attention of users should be paid to color capture option of the program. Using the program you can increase an image in size and take the pattern of a color;
  • Once you download PhotoScape for PC program you can easily convert RAW images into JPG;
  • Slide Show Mode is another important option ofPhotoScape for Windows   

Download PhotoScape and Install it on your PC Now for FREE:

There are no special requirements to download PhotoScape. Also, you can download PhotoScape for FREE. It should be noted that brushes, filters, and JPEG options have been updated to the latest version of PhotoScape for PC. So, visit the official website to download PhotoScape right now and enjoy amazing features of this program that will help you edit images easily and effectively!     


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