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Sun Nxt App Download For Android

sun nxt App:

Recently in the market, the sun TV launched the one fantastic app for the demand video services called the sun NXT app. You can download this app on your android devices and also on IOS devices. In this app, you can watch your favorite videos and movies. This app is available in few languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Karnataka etc. In anywhere and anytime you can watch the videos and movies in this app but you need an internet access. You don’t have any problems to find it in the app store because it is easily available on IOS and Android devices. After launching the sun NXT apk it has gained so much popularity in no time. Recently this sun NXT app reached the 1 million downloads on Google play store but its focus on regional languages only. Sun NXT app means is same as to the Hotstar, ditto TV.

Download Sun NXT APP:

The Android version of this app is 4.0.3 and the APK size is 16.01 MB but this APK size is varied with the device. Sun NXT app is updated on 19th July 2017. This app is offered by the sun TV network limited. With this app, you can download your favorite HD videos and movies.  Approximately 4000 movie libraries and 40 live channels are available in this sun NXT app. In this app, we are adding the much more channels. In most of the Flat forms, this app is supported. After signup process this sunNXT apk charges you. The sunNXT app users can freely be watching the unlimited movies, serials, shows, and HD videos for one month from the date of app install. This offer offered by the sun TV.

How to register this sun NXT app:

You can see the registration page after downloading the app. Here it will ask you enter your valid email id or mobile number to register on this app. After that OTP number will be sent to your mobile number, from which you can be registered to this app. Then you can choose the plan after entering the OTP number. Finally, you can make the amount after choosing the plan.

Resolutions of sun NXT app:

You can also download this sun NXT app into your smart TV and tablets. According to the user, preference adjusts their video resolution. Variously available resolutions are,

1080 pixels.(HD)

  • 720 pixels.
  • 480 pixels.
  • 360 pixels.
  • 144 pixels.

Sun NXT APK downloads on android devices:

  • First, open the Google play store on your android devices.
  • Here you have the search box for searching apps.
  • And search the sun NXT on the search box.
  • Then click on the install option for downloading the app.
  • And automatically sun NXT Apk downloaded and installed.
  • Finally, you have the sun NXT app on your Android device.
  • Let’s Enjoy your favorite videos and movies on this app.
  • You can also install this sun NXT app for the IOS devices on iTunes app store.

Features of sun NXT app:

  • These are the features of sun NXT apk,
  • Catch up.
  • Live TV.
  • HD viewing.
  • Screen agnostic.
  • Your regional language app.
  • HD movies.
  • Doubled profile creation.
  • Channel recommendations.
  • Online download.
  • Bandwidth adaptability of the internet.

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